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BCA Live Online Dispute Resolution & Arbitration Policy

BCA Live Online Dispute Resolution & Arbitration Policy

British Car Auctions is committed to providing the highest standard of service to its customers to ensure that you are totally satisfied. Occasionally however, there may be a situation or circumstances which do not meet your expectations, and in which case we want to hear from you. We promise to investigate your complaint, resolve it as quickly as possible and provide you with a satisfactory conclusion. In doing so we hope this will also help us to improve our service for all our customers.

If you have a complaint, please address it to:

BCA Live Online Manager
British Car Auctions
Tamworth Road
DE12 7DY

Email: bcaliveonline@bca.com

Or by telephoning the BCA Live Online Manager on 01530 279120

You must register your complaint before you remove the vehicle from site if you are self-collecting, or if the vehicle is being delivered within one working day of receipt and a correctly endorsed proof of delivery (POD) will be required.

How we will respond
Our BCA Live Online Manager will work with you to investigate your complaint and resolve the situation to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.

In the event that your complaint cannot be resolved quickly and to your satisfaction we will:

i. Provide on email or verbal acknowledgement of your complaint within 24 hours.
ii. Provide details of who will be dealing with your complaint at BCA and how you can contact them.
iii. Advise how long we think it will take us to investigate your complaint.
iv. Aim to resolve your complaint within five working days of the complaint being made.

In the event that we are unable to resolve your complaint within this timescale, we will inform you, prior to the expiry of this five day period, why we are unable to resolve it at that time, what will happen next and when we expect to be able to write to you with a final response.

If you are still not satisfied
Our aim is to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible and make sure you are completely satisfied. In the unlikely event that you remain unhappy with our response, please write to us with full details, explaining how you would like to see your complaint resolved. The Company’s Network Operations Director will then review your complaint and endeavor to resolve the issue.

We will also advise you if you are eligible to refer your complaint to an Independent Arbitration Service who can be instructed to act via the BCA Live Online Manager at the above address. Please note that the Arbitrator will not consider your complaint until we have had the opportunity to resolve the matter directly with you. We will make every effort to ensure that all matters are resolved, and that both parties are satisfied with the conclusion.