21st March 2018 - BCA develops new mobile Buyer App as part of Buyer satisfaction drive - British Car Auctions
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BCA develops new mobile Buyer App as part of Buyer satisfaction drive

BCA has announced the trial of a new mobile Buyer App following extensive feedback from its customer base.  The company is also building on the services offered to buyers to provide a centralised resource to support customers nationwide.
The initial offerings within the BCA Buyer App will provide tools for both physical and digital customers to make the buying process easier and a change in the way which BCA designs and builds software will enable products to get in the hands of customers more quickly.
Steve Wren, BCA Agile Product Manager for the Buyer App commented, “This App has been developed following a period of extensive research and prototyping with over 1,000 BCA customers, both online and face-to-face, with the aim of swiftly developing a product customers will love because it delivers real benefits.”
He added, “Our customers told us that they needed easy access to live information about vehicles and the running order on their mobile device, so they never miss an opportunity to bid on the vehicles they need. So that’s what we’ve done.”
The continuous feedback BCA receives from the customers using the App means improvements can be delivered over very short timescales. The Buyer App will give buyers the tools they need to do their job more efficiently and will enhance both the physical and digital buying journey.
BCA will continue to improve and enhance the App based on customer feedback to ensure it delivers the ongoing convenience and functionality that they require.

Chief Digital Officer, Jonny Crowe, said, “We aim to deliver a constantly evolving and improving digital experience for our customers across all of our products. The move to Agile Product Management gives us the best way to do this and puts the customer at the heart of the process.”
Alongside the development of the Buyer App, BCA’s buyer support function is being developed to support the multiple touch points that customers have across BCA’s remarketing network. 
Stuart Gibbons, BCA Director of Buyer Services, commented “We recognise that our customers have a diverse set of needs and creating a more personalised service is a priority as we look to enhance the experience across all channels including physical auction, Live Online, Bid Now/Buy Now and eAuctions.”
“Customer research has shown that buyers can spend significant time managing their purchases across multiple BCA branches, and we are working with them to develop a more seamless proposition to support their needs.”
BCA is currently piloting the Buyer Support Team with a selected number of buyers to test and refine the approach before the service is rolled out more extensively this year.