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BCA France partners with Renault Group to digitalise the used vehicle sales platform

Renault Group has partnered with BCA France (BCAuto Enchères ) to roll-out interactive video sales solutions across its used vehicle sales channels.

Video solutions by BCA company AutosOnShow are used on www.rvo-direct.com, the online BCA platform for used vehicle sales exclusively for the Renault network.  Since 2004, nearly 115,000 used vehicles have been sold to the Renault network on the BCA platform. 

With AutosOnShow technology, RVO-Direct.com will offer enhanced video with a 360° view and HD photos, the ability to customise photography and integrate the retailer branding. Transparency will be increased through optimised vehicle description, pricing and sales process.

The introduction of AutosOnShow technology into the BCAuto Enchères process supports the sale of vehicles into trade and retail markets by guaranteeing the description and providing high-quality images.

All the used cars sold via this platform are transported to one of the seven BCA France compounds which are equipped with AOS technology and turntables. Renault dealers have direct access to all vehicle information and can identify in advance which cars they are interested in to meet retail demand.

The move marks an integrated approach between two BCA Marketplace plc companies,
BCAuto Enchères and AutosOnShow, a specialist in high definition image solutions for automotive manufacturers and retailers.

Olivier Fernandes, Managing Director of BCAuto Enchères, said: “We are very proud that our partnership with Renault is strengthened today by this technological advancement. This evolution will allow us to sell stock quicker, to keep our sales teams better informed, and to build confidence in the used buyer. We work in partnership to get the best value from the vehicles.”

Serge Pietri, Director of Renault Used Cars added “It’s a relationship of trust that we have established with BCAuto Enchères over the years. We know that they offer tailor-made solutions, and together we aim for the same objective: to improve our service to the end client.”